Black Rood – The lost crown jewel of Scotland

An excellent historical detective story that brings to life every period it describes – History Scotland

Superbly written... totally compelling – Undiscovered Scotland

St Cuthbert’s Corpse – A life after death

A unique, compelling and vivid book – St Cuthbert should be England’s patron saint and David Willem shows how much symbolism and power was, and is still, attached to his presence – Tom Holland

Elegant, accessible, and movingly written – Professor Giles Gasper, Durham University

Kicking – Following the fans to the Orient

A fascinating book, Kicking… is a cultural and philosophical investigation into a collision between two vastly different worlds – Four Four Two

A veritable salvo of pin-sharp observations about Japan, the Japanese and the fans – Insight Japan

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David Willem is a writer of history and a diarist. His journalism has appeared in the Times, the Guardian, the Independent on Sunday and the Irish Times. He has worked in Wales, England, Japan, Ireland and Scotland, and he writes about gatherings and artefacts, and how they support the creation of identity.

David Willem is a pen name.


David Willem speaks regularly on St Cuthbert, the Saint’s remains and relics, and on the Black Rood of Scotland and other reliquaries of the True Cross.

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